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As an artist, I am fascinated by the thought of building with soft, finite materials. The impermanent and imperfect nature of the soft sculpture parallels not only my experiences as a queer, autistic woman within a heteronormative, neurotypical society, but also the flawed existence we all participate in. This material provides an opportunity to talk about pervasive, dark, abusive systems and events through irony and humor.  

Heavily tied to content and material, my work is a modern branch of the ever-expanding body of feminist art. Through an intersectional lens, I critique the societal norms that aim to maintain the status quo, including those in my personal narrative. 

All materials I use are intentionally terminable and often second hand. Reusing material, especially fabric, not only connects me back to the lineage of past queer studio crafters, but also to the long history of women as makers and largely unrecognized masters in the art world.

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